Who is your target customer? How can you find them?

Who is your target customer? How can you find them?

Do you know who your target customer is and how to find them? If you don’t, that’s ok! This article will help you identify your target customer, define your meta tags, keywords and Yoast SEO plugin! If you already know your target customer, we highly recommend you go through this exercise, it never hurts to refresh.

  1. The first step is to define the basics of your customer. This will be used in targeting facebook ads and any future marketing and communication acquisition.
    Answer these questions:
    • Who is your primary customer?
    • How old are they?
    • What is their gender?
    • What is their income amount?
    • Where do they live?
    • List their interests?
  2. The second step is to describe your dream customer. This is the chance for you to really think about who would be the perfect customer, how they would find you, what interaction would be like and what the desired outcome would be! This is the customer you that makes you wish you had a million of them because business would be easy and you would make a ton of money!Example: A local tractor retailer when completing this exercise discovered their dream customer is one that purchases the equipment they want completely online and then the store delivers the product. That customer never actually comes into the store until they need repairs on their equipment at which point they become a recurring customer.
  3. What and where are the new or existing markets you want to tap into? This is essentially your “go-to-market strategy”. Your go-to-market  strategy is something that we will cover in depth at another time. For now here are some crucial questions to think about as you plan and list out the markets you would like to be present in. We suggest you make three separate sections on a sheet of paper. Label the first section current market. The second section existing markets. The third section new markets. Next fill in each section.
    Current Market – This is where your product or service is currently being marketed. Describe or list the location.
    Existing Markets – These are places that already exist, that you competitors sell through or in and you know you should be part of but haven’t yet.
    New Markets – These are places that you are out to discover, that you had not previously known you should be selling or promoting!
  4.  How do your customers currently find you? Describe the customer’s journey to you from their perspective. This means to put yourself in the customers shoes and walk through the way they would find you, contact you, purchase your product or service and then become a recurring customer.Example: We are going to use the same tractor retailer from the above example. John Smith looks at his lawn and decides he is in need of a new tractor for the upcoming mowing season. Not knowing where to look first John pulls out his phone and begins to search tractor stores near me. The first location that comes up in his search engine is “local tractor store” . John then notices he has two options. Option one to browse inventory online OR stop in the store to shop the selection of products. John decides he is going to shop online inventory because he doesn’t have enough time to go to the store. He clicks on shop online and discovers he can shop by acreage and find the right size tractor for his lawn. With a simple click of the button John picks his tractor, chooses upgrade options and add on packages, and then checks out. After he has paid for his tractor he is prompted to schedule delivery. Two days later, his brand new tractor arrives to his home.
  5. The last and perhaps most important thing we must cover now that we have identified our target customer, is how we will communicate with them. There are many different options to discover but the conversion from potential customer to customer to returning customer is important to consider.
    1. Do you need a facebook page? A facebook page is good for brand recognition, getting information out fast, offering sales and promotions, and  recommendations. Facebook is a good way to find new customers and facilitate relationships for returning customers.
    2. Do you need an automated email system? Automated emails are fantastic ways to send out promotions, sales, upcoming events and any brand related news.
    3. Do you need to do print advertising? Print advertising is everything from business cards and mailers to ads in the local paper. Once you know your target customer, it will be easy to identify which is the correct location for you to advertise.
    4. Do you need to participate in vendor events? If so where and when are ones you must go to. Vendor events are amazing ways to showcase your business, meet new potential customers, publicize and start forming relationships with potential customers and potential referral businesses.

Now you have all the tools, tips and tricks you need to identify your target customer. Happy selling!

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Bekah Ware is a hardworking wife and mother of 3 small, energetic children. If you asked her as she was growing what she wanted to be some day, the answer always was wife and mother. Little did she know that one day she would be presented with the opportunity to do something beyond her wildest dreams – own her own business. It was something that she never thought of or even considered a possibility.

After graduating from Newark High School in 2004, a year early, Bekah went on to do a brief semester at the local community college FLCC before finally landing at SUNY Potsdam. There she received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 3 years while juggling multiple jobs to pay for as much of it herself as possible. Her hopes were to become a Counselor and help those in need.

Bekah met Mike in college while serving in Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and you could say it was love at first guitar playing. The weekend after they graduated college the two of them were married. Before Bekah decided what the next step in her academic career would be they settled in upstate NY and started a family. Pushing her desire of going back to school to become a Counselor to the back burner, Bekah started on the journey of wife and mother. It was more than she ever thought it would be and in 4 and 1/2 short years they had 3 children.

Energetic, outgoing and balancing motherhood with the grace of an elephant, Bekah set out to fill her limited free time with something else. She got her outgoing personality from her father, creativity from her mother and an inability to sit still from both parents. These traits drove Bekah to start leading a fitness ministry called REFIT at her church. She planned events, ran campaigns, and wrote blogs to recruit and empower participants, using her Psychology degree in ways she never imagined. Bekah had thought that one day she would be sitting in an office helping people. Instead, her degree that she once thought would never get used found a new and exciting purpose.

The gymnasium filled with women, who were there because of the marketing strategy and tools used. People were empowered and inspired because of blogs of personal struggle and triumph. Steady communication happened and resources were steadily presented and readily accessible. The ability to help others slowly became a reality.

Although Bekah may love to be on the go, living in rural upstate NY all her life has fueled a deep appreciation of quiet, reading, running and the smell of apple blossoms in the surrounding orchards. Either that or the promise of escaping her three small charges might be the motivating factor. She isn’t sure which!

Stats and Details

Name: Rebekah Elizabeth Ware

Age: 29 and still growing

Eye Color: Green

Height: 5’7″

Hair Color: Changes

Favorite Beverage: Coffee

Favorite Dessert: Cheese Cake

Likes: Order, clean, and obedient children

Dislikes: Saying the same thing twice

Hobbies: I am a mom



Mike Ware is a technically minded guy with an enthusiasm for computers and technology. His love of moving parts started as a young child where he enjoyed tinkering and taking things apart. The constant desire to learn and understand how things work has continued on into adulthood. Mike can often be found reading articles, looking at the inside of some mechanism, or talking about the latest technology with passion and excitement.

Web development is not a new interest for Mike. He built his first website as a 12 year old, when the internet was in its childhood and connection required a telephone line. Later on, he learned enough from some web design books to build a professional site for a friend’s video editing business. Years later, after the internet graduated into a more interactive “Web 2.0”, Mike spent time learning the latest web development tools and methods, and built a number of websites as a freelancer doing work for a web design company in Webster, NY.

Mike is the lucky husband of his fantastic wife, Bekah, and father of three great kids. Making all the pieces of life’s puzzle fit together can be complicated, but Mike is up for the challenge.  Mike likes to get outside and spend vacation time up in the Adirondacks, in and around Lake Champlain with his family. Mike is also a music lover and enjoys playing guitar and piano.

Stats and Details

Name: Michael Stephen Ware

Age: 31

Height: 5’10”

Favorite beverage: Freshly roasted Church and State Coffee

Favorite dessert: Brownie Sundaes

Likes: Dating my wife, playing with my kids, new music, and the quiet of an early morning after a full night’s sleep

Dislikes: When my fingernails are jagged or uneven

Hobbies: Collecting and playing guitars, woodworking, hiking, biking, sailing



NYAMARK began as a naptime activity and quickly evolved to something more. Bekah desired to fill the 2 hour nap window she was presented with everyday, so she set out to find something. With the guidance of a friend she began doing some freelance work, blogging and social media marketing. She loved every part of it, from the ability to tell a business’s story through writing to coming up with marketing campaigns and then running with it. In this collision of time and talents Ware Marketing and Design was birthed.

In addition to blogging and social media, a website is a critical part of any business’s online presence. Bekah’s husband Mike has enjoyed coding and website development since he was a teenager, when he ran a website for a friend’s small video production business. As an adult he developed this skill set further, learning the latest tools and trends and building websites on the side. Together with Bekah’s online marketing skills, Ware Marketing and Design now had a compelling package of services to offer.

Living in a small town with three young children Bekah and Mike have a passion to see local industry grow. They share a desire to invest their time and talents in small businesses around them that could benefit from a modern webpage and strategic online marketing. With this desire in mind, Bekah began reaching out to local businesses. 

Ware Marketing and Design now seeks to help any small business be more successful and thrive. We promise the personal availability and attention to detail of a small business with big business results!